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Okapi Energy Group gathers companies dedicated to delivering superior performance throughout the energy value chain for West Africa. Our expertise in the fields of oil trading, supply chain management and strategic advisory services combined with the on-ground knowledge of the needs of our customers along with strategic partnerships with world-leading energy merchants are today our key factors of success in delivering energy solutions in Africa.
Okapi Supply Trading Advisory SA (formerly Sarl)  was formed by combining consulting services, supply and downstream activities. Today the company is one of Africa’s most trusted independent providers of oil & gas products and services. We supply, store and distribute oil and gas products needed by consumers, industry and maritime operations across the African continent. 
We are a Swiss wholly-owned private company, and we have been responding to the evolving energy needs of the African continent for over the past 7 years. We are proud of the unparalleled depth of experience, knowledge and expertise that we have accumulated serving the needs of many sub-Saharan countries.

Our reputation as a professional and reliable business partner is supported by an approach that integrates the full value chain, from the initial purchase of oil product on the open market (ensuring security of supply), its storage at strategic locations, to the development of a variety of specialist end-products including fuels, gas, lubricants and, more recently, bitumen. Efficient logistics and strong distribution networks, including our own retail service stations, complete the picture. Together, these capabilities enable us to respond rapidly and efficiently to a wide range of customer needs across each of the countries in which we operate.
 We have become one of the fastest growing and extensive full-service energy platforms in sub-Saharan Africa. Our development is accelerating as we continue to serve the needs of what has become one of the world’s fastest growing regions 
Mohamed J. NDAO [Founder and Managing Director]


The Okapi team, understands the Oil and Gas industry, especially the African energy environment; Gain from our unique perspectives.

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Mohamed J. Ndao
Simplice Mulumba
Moustapha Mohamadou
Estelle Florence Gbenou
Flory Yebo
Ijeoma Ben-Maduike
Louis Camara
Edoardo Giudice 

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